For overseas buyers

We will search for excellent Japanese products at low prices to export overseas.

As a general trading company, we will help you find excellent Japanese products.
We also have Japanese staff stationed locally, so it is possible to have a meeting on-site. (Zoom is also available)

★High quality and reliable Japanese product

★Purchase price is 30% off compared to the previous exchange rate!

Why not take advantage of the current weak yen?


We provide high quality Japanese-made products to buyers around the world.
With our reliability and experience cultivated in Japan, we guarantee that you can purchase any product with confidence.
You can rest assured that you can communicate directly with local staff.


・We have a solid track record in many countries and have established partnerships in various countries including Vietnam, Singapore, Hawaii, and South Korea. This allows us to offer our customers secure international transactions.

- In international product trade, it is necessary to deal with differences in regulations and cultures of each country.
We understand these factors and provide peace of mind to our customers through appropriate legal compliance and cultural sensitivity.

・In the transportation and logistics process, we also ensure safe transportation of products.
Our customers are fully protected when they receive our products around the world.


・Our credibility has been built on success stories and customer trust in many countries.
We value honest and transparent business dealings and build long-term partnerships with our customers.

- Our team of experts will do their best to understand your needs and find the best products.
We hope you can trust us to help your business succeed.

For overseas buyers looking for products made in Japan

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★I want to find the product I'm looking for
We search for and supply products according to buyers' needs.

★For those who are sensitive to market trends
We understand the latest trends in the market and offer products that match them.
We offer the latest and most popular products to those who follow trends.

★For those who cover a wide range of product genres
Our company covers a wide range of product categories and can meet the diverse needs of buyers.
We offer a wide variety of options for those looking for a wide range of products.

★For those seeking efficient procurement
We have established an efficient sourcing process and have fast and reliable supplier relationships.
is building. We provide a smooth transaction process for those who desire efficient procurement.

We will respond to various needs such as

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Flow of trade up to buying and selling

Japan still has many excellent products that are unknown in the world.
HPC will search for various Japanese products.


Input from HPC inquiry form

Contacting us is easy.
It takes about 1 minute to complete the input process.

Of course, consultation is ``free''.

Contact us from our representative

We will contact you by email in English.

We will contact you via email to find out what kind of products you are looking for.

We will send you brief company information via email.

This is information to be disclosed to companies with which you wish to do business. *Detailed information will be provided after you request a transaction.

Contents to send
・Company Name
・Company information (company overview, etc.)
・Person name

Make an appointment if someone shows up

When a matching business partner appears, we will decide on a date for business negotiations via zoom.
*Our agent will be present.





Japanese domestic

Question reception (In mailing it I'm accepting.)

※ Protecting strict observance! Personal information is protected certainly.

Contact us from our representative

Initially, we will contact you by email.

Interview with an advisor

Meeting with your company representative via video call etc.

Estimate for your desired product

We will send you a quote for your desired product.

Payment of product price

Payment must be made in full or as a deposit at the time of ordering.
The remaining amount will be paid after confirming the AWB issue.


The product will arrive at your desired port.


If there is no problem with the arrived product, the transaction will be completed.
If there is a problem, we will suggest a faster solution.