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Everybody's happiness is supported.

We support international marriage fully.
You get married from customer's matchmaker arranged date.
A movement at the site will also correspond quickly safely.
A movement at the site will also correspond quickly safely.


Full support by a local staff and a Japanese staff.


A local visit is supported with a guide by a familiar staff fully.


I advise that you can live a happy life.

To the Japanese looking for a marriage partner

♡♡♡To such one.
・The father's family business is agriculture, an heir...
・While being young, it's too immersed in work and isn't blessed with a good edge....
・A way of thinking with Japanese doesn't match....
・Anyway I'm young and want my beautiful wife....

Flow until a free web matchmaker arranged date...
(1) In mailing it please tell your name and your telephone number.
(2) I'll return from a counselor and contact you.
(3) I'll look for a fitting lady for you.
(4) A web is seeing a person with a view to marriage increasingly, a⇒ counselor (go-between) will sit in company and support it, too, so please be relieved.
■ It doesn't cost a lot of money at all to the above.
※ Privacy is being protected thoroughly, so please be relieved.

Matchmaker arranged date list (lady))
Matchmaker arranged date list (Mens)

To the foreigner who would like to get married to Japanese Flow until registration.

By a Japanese company, service industry, nursing industry, medical agency, construction business and office work and others.
A manpower shortage is angry about all genres.
I'll introduce more than a bank of human resources in HPC.

To the foreigner who would like to get married to Japanese Flow until registration.

HPC It's input more than the question form.

The application is easy.
About 1 minute, you're inputting and it's completion.

Registration is "no charge" of course.

I make a contact more than an authority clerk.

I can speak by local words.
It's confirmed whether there isn't making a mistake in registration information.

When it's apparent, it'll be completing registration.

Completing registration!!

I'll have easy BIO data by mail.

It's shown to the Japanese hoped for. ※Detailed information isn't raised by a home page.

The contents you send

Our home page registration

Only a photograph of the face, the age, a home town and own PR are carried.

The appointment an applicant is seeing with a view to marriage if it appears.

If it appears, an applicant decides about the day when you see a person with a view to marriage.
※ Our agent accompanies and meets by the neighborhood where you live.

Correspond in your country (You do a date only in 2~~daytime on the 5th.)

What kind of person are you each other?
Does a hobby fit?
Are you like-minded?
Family structure?
IS checked each other.

2-time when 5 days date is provided.

※ When mutual feelings don't match, I don't sometimes come to a marriage.

Form making necessary to marriage.

When being attracted each other each other, it'll be an engagement.

Our agent makes a form necessary to marriage.

Visa application procedure

Our agent advances procedure necessary to marriage.

Visa acquisition!

Visa acquisition!
Please do the preparations which go to Japan.


Wedding at the site

I hold a marriage party at the site.

I'll do magnificently!!!!!!!

You go to Japan.

Living start in Japan.

After I get married....
Such as Japanese culture can't be understood, please consult with our agent about a worrying thing.
I give advice in no charge.

It's possible to discuss visiting ONE'S parents' home after marriage after marriage with your husband.
You can consult about a life for free of charge in Japan after marriage.

Everybody's happiness is supported.

We support international marriage fully.
Please leave from customer's matchmaker arranged date to consultation after marriage and marriage.
A movement at the site will also correspond quickly safely.
I'll also support local sightseeing.

Flow from a matchmaker arranged date to marriage.

Japanese domestic

Question reception (In mailing it I'm accepting.)

※ Protecting strict observance! Personal information is protected certainly.

Admission reception

Several people choose from a registrant list.

Adviser and interview

I can talk with the person who chose from a registrant list by Skype and the television telephone.

A matchmaker arranged date is sounded out for the partner who chose.

I'll explain the living merit in Japan and a demerit accurately, and you're convinced and it's a matchmaker arranged date.

Adjustment of a matchmaker arranged date schedule

Arrangements of an airline ticket (I go to the site directly.)

Our agent 1-2 people accompanies.

Matchmaker arranged date

I'll meet the person who chose from a registration list directly.
(2-times on the 5th, possible)

You know a living habit at the site and culture.

It's important to understand cultural difference each other each other.


A local wedding and a wedding in Japan are planned.
※ It's possible to omit a wedding in Japan according to the consultation.

After an engagement and a marriage, I inform the site of matters to be communicated to your wife.

The support which are required documents in marriage procedure in Japan and immigration and registration application

I'm responding to the question by the difference in wife's consultation of worries, interpretation and custom by a staff in Japan of each country after wife visit to Japan sincerely from the former rich experience.


Recruitment of an international marriage applicant, interview and examination

First, this, adjust please inquire about it more than the form. Possible of men and women.
In mailing it more than our agent I make a contact.

Customer's pick-up service, reservation for lodgings and interpretation also stick.

Even if I can't speak Japanese, first is all right.
Our staff will interpret.

The preparations you're seeing with a view to marriage and partner's appointment

After an engagement, a form necessary to international marriage is made.

Our agent makes out the form necessary to marriage.

Local marriage procedure is done.

Our agent does marriage procedure.

Care of a personal appearance and Japanese-language education are done.

You go to a school of teaching Japanese language and have remember Japanese necessary to a life.
※ A partner pays an expense.

Visa application is supported with our administrative scrivener to each Japanese Embassy.

Visit to Japan after Visa acquisition!

A newly-married couple life starts!

Price list

Placement fees
(The female members are free.)