For foreigner in Japan

HPC is supporting the foreigner who would like to work in Japan.

  • I'd like to work at an own country, but the salary are not good.
  • There is no work at an own country.
  • I'd like to help the family with high payment.
  • I'd like to live richly in the future.
  • I'd like to build a house at an own country.
  • Because Japan is relief and safety, I'd like to work in Japan.
  • I'd like to get married to Japanese.
  • I live in Japan, but there is no work.
  • I live in Japan, and would like to call the other family to go here in Japan.
  • A person of the Japanese 2nd generation, 3rd generation treats very well.
Find job

Flow chart

Entry to find job

HPC I apply more than the question form "Perfect no charge".

The application is easy.
About 1 minute, you're inputting and it is completion.。

Registration is "no charge" of course. 。

HPC I make a contact in E-MAIL more than an agent.

I'll send a confirmation mail of the registration contents which are so.

When there is no making a mistake in the registration contents, it'll be completing registration.

Free completing registration!!

In mailing BIO DATA it's sent.

Please mail BIO DATA of the person who would like to work for Japan with a picture.

The contents you send
-The name
-The age
–The gender
–The birthday
–The address
–Spacial skill

Work introduction

The job category which functions is various.

Care for the old, a hospital, a nurse, a restaurant, a massage, a Beauty salon (beauty clinic), a construction site, a housekeeper, a hotel, a farm, fishing, a factory, an English conversation school lecturer and a Office work...

I'll introduce several work which fits you.
Even if I come to Japan, I won't introduce working which can't be continued.

I'll introduce only the work which can be done lengthily.

A form is submitted to an enterprise.

We look for the enterprise which would like to employ you as a staff.

I look for it from a various part of Japan.

Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Okinawa etc....


I interview the person in charge of an enterprise who needs you.

Our agent and the enterprise person in charge go to the neighborhood you're going to live where directly

When you can't go directly, SKYPE interviews in a Internet phone.

※ Even if I can't speak Japanese, it's OK.

Visa application

Visa is needed as the preparations which work for Japan.

One our ray Jen does all Visa application.

The study by which a school of teaching Japanese language is Japanese "no charge"

The worry of language study is unnecessary!

Necessary Japanese is studied to decided work.

Japanese necessary to a life is studied from necessary Japanese to work.

There are no burdens of your school cost.

Visa acquisition!

It's 30 days at the least from Visa application to acquisition.

※ Japanese is studied until that.

To Japan, flight!

The preparations of the voyage cost are unnecessary.

Work start in Japan!

A residence lives in the dormitory a company prepared.

I'll work while learning a method work from the enterprise person in charge.

JAPANESE DREAM, GET, please!!!!!!!!

The assistance after visit to Japan-consultation of worries in Japan is also free-.

Our agent such as a life in Japan and worries to work who isn't familiar gives advice for free of charge.

Please contact me any time.

You build a BIG Dreams here in JAPAN!!!

Price list

Placement fees
★★★★★★★ First the cost are unnecessary!

The reserve is unnecessary to work for Japan.。

● I worked for Japan and built a house by a mother country!

There is a person who saved money and built a house by a mother country for about 2 years, too.

● I get married to Japanese, in Japan, happiness, GET.

There are a person who met at a workplace and a person who is married and is living a happy life by Japan.

● An enterprise did in a mother country.

There is a person who worked for Japan and started new business by a mother country using the skill.