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By a Japanese company, service industry, nursing industry, medical agency, construction business and office work and others.
A manpower shortage is angry about all genres.
I'll introduce more than a bank of human resources in HPC.

Flow chart

Entry to adoption

HPC I apply more than the question form "Perfect no charge".

The application is easy.
About 1 minute, you're inputting and it is completion.

Registration is "no charge" of course.
HPC I make a contact in E-MAIL more than an agent.

HPC I make a contact in E-MAIL more than an agent.

I'll send a confirmation mail of the registration contents which are so.

When there is no making a mistake in the registration contents, it'll be completing registration.

Free completing registration!!

How many people of what kind of human resources need? And Meeting.

It corresponds to an application from the enterprise of the various business categories.
Detailed information, please, because I'll introduce the talent of PITARRI to you.
・The business category
・The work contents
・Man? Lady?
・The age of the person who want to works
・Which degree need is a Japanese skill?
・Adoption of how many people is expected until when?
Do go where it's so will question.

The selection which is work force more than a list➡

➡I'll introduce the human resources who met you more than a list.

Our crew will ask you request from you small
What kind of human resources need?
Is it short-term? Is it long?
Would you like to suppress payment inexpensively?

I'll meet the demands from and the various enterprise! !

Interview -> Than you, appointing notification issue

➡Interview: When the person in charge of adoption is bad to the site, SKYPE interviews in the television telephone.
※ I'll explain a living habit of each country more than our staff beforehand.
Culture is different from Japan, so Mr. adoption person has learn culture of each country only a little, too.
Communication of a staff and the enterprise regards as It is all about the benjamins.

➡I have a new staff issue appointing notification more than you.

※I interview one in case of a foreigner of Japanese residence in Japan.

Preparations of Visa (30 days at the least-)-Visa acquisition

Point!!!!! This is the system that "HPC" is original.
★ It's usually said to be 3-6 months, but our able administrative scrivener can make it more short-term
   In 30 days at the least, Visa acquisition!

Visa will usually be not got easily and be a problem.
Our administrative scrivener assists Visa acquisition in a short term using an original way.

★Visa acquisition!
The back is only visit to Japan preparations.

Visit to Japan: It's possible to work as your staff from here.

First, you reserve staff's residence (dormitory).
Even a roommate in the triple room-4 person room is OK.
※It's with a lot of enterprises collected as a board and lodging charge than a staff for a rent.。

It'll be possible to work immediately.
Also with the one of the directions of your educational persons in charge, please.

After they visit Japan....

★Even though the country is different, I'm the same man. Important human resources.
When I can't discriminate and can have guide accurately, the future, I'll grow into an able staff.
Because it's the reason which comes to working away from home from an other country, you can work very hard.

★An encounter is life!
We're even supporting permanent residence right acquisition of the worker which visited Japan.
You have the longer-term good relationship, and it's being trained as the staff who can contribute to the profit of the enterprise, so please take care.

Price list

Placement fees
人材紹介にかかった経費を 『0円』 にする方法をお教えいたします!!


一般人材 社員の中途採用
年収推定額 25%
キャリア人材 社員の中途採用
年収推定額 30%
スペシャリスト 社員の中途採用
年収推定額 30%
海外紹介 海外現地基準での採用 年収推定額 35%
★紹介費用 割引キャンペーン!!★


Human list here