• We are a wholesaler of medical supplies.
    High-quality medical protective suit sets, medical gowns, medical masks, disinfectants, and other products used in various fields
    We offer it cheaper than anywhere else.
    For inquiries, please contact us by email or phone.
  • Sales of heavy machinery, industrial machine tools, sales of solar panels
    We are exporting to 20 countries around the world as well as domestic sales.
    Brand new, can be used
    Estimate free
  • Consulting support for staffing companies.
  • Interpreters and consulting assistance for companies that want to expand overseas.
  • Work is introduced to the foreigner who would like to work for Japan.
  • wheelchair
    ·electric appliances
    etc... (part of the above)
    We will search for various Japanese products you want to sell overseas at low prices.

To companies looking for medical products

For medical products

HPC, which has been expanding its diversified business globally, offers high-quality, low-priced medical products carefully scrutinized at Japanese inspection factories from numerous overseas branches and plants such as Vietnam, China, Philippines, South Korea, Dubai, Singapore. to introduce.

For companies looking for beauty products - Kirei Corporation

For beauty products

In cooperation with Kirei Corporation, HPC supports salons all over the world.
We deal in beauty products made in Japan.