• I'll introduce human resources to the enterprise mainly by a person of Japanese descent as a worker.
    ※ It's possible to employ long from short-term employment (It isn't manpower dispatching, so, it's possible to employ by the general wages.)
  • Work is introduced to the foreigner who would like to work for Japan.
  • International marriage support
    I'll introduce a foreigner.
    ※ It's supported fully from a matchmaker arranged date to marriage.
  • Manpower dispatching is being also supported!
    ★ Affiliated company★
    Combined company Staff assist company
    Specific temporary labor supply business" 特 21-300933"
    ※JAPAN Lisence
  • Sales of heavy machinery, industrial machine tools, sales of solar panels
    We are exporting to 20 countries around the world as well as domestic sales.
    Brand new, can be used
    Estimate free

For those looking for heavy equipment, industrial machine tools, solar panels

For company

We purchase and sell heavy machinery in Japan.
We also export orders from overseas to 20 countries around the world.
We handle a wide range from used machines to new items.
Please feel free to contact us so we can handle any type of manufacturers regardless of manufacturer.
* We also deal with industrial machine tools new and second hand.

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For foreigner in Japan

HPC is supporting the foreigner who would like to work in Japan.